Inspiring people…Yokoo

I remember years ago (five years, oh goodness) reading the Etsy featured seller interview with Yokoo. I was really taken by what she was creating and just this way about her, even though you only get the briefest glimpse. I was delighted today to come across this video they made with her a few years later. It is the best thing I have seen in a while, do watch it if you have an extra four minutes. She is so eloquent, and puts a lot of things into words that I feel all the time – especially as an introvert with a public creative undertaking. My favorite words, ‘I just feel like, there’s no room to be mediocre. And it’s not because I have some kind of disorder, it’s simply because I enjoy, immensely, being great.’

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 11.12.14 PM


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