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quilt (1)Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 10.23.01 PM

Long ago, somewhere on Pinterest, I spied a quilt made of wool sweater squares. I knew mine would have to be an ongoing project – and so for every wool sweater that I bought and felted and recycled into a doll, I would make sure and cut a few squares and stash them away. Eventually there was enough to make a smallish blanket, and I knew it was the prefect gift for a wool-loving friend who was expecting a baby. In the end I cut the squares in half and used the triangles to make it a little more interesting, forgetting I think that this would also double the sewing time! The wool has enough weight on its own not to need a batting, and the reverse side is flannel. Oh I do love a a finished project, especially one that was so long in the making. Also, welcome to the world baby A, this one’s for you.

quilt (6)




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