home:made – display shelf

I love Schleich animals. I’m not quite sure where it started, maybe with a little set we got for my daughter’s birthday – but as far as little toy animals go, these are the cutest and have the best weight to them (which is, you know, important…). So every once in a while I spend some hard earned pennies at the toy store and pick out a new animal. And yes, I turn thirty this year. But, disclaimer, I’m not a huge fan of collections, so it’s nice that these are functional as well – my kids are totally allowed to play with the animals, and we certainly consider them toys. I noticed they were getting a bit beat up just being thrown into a toy bucket at the end of the day, so combine this with an urge to learn how to build something…with wood and tools, and we have this little shelf.

shelf (3)

As far as building things goes, it’s nothing special, but this was, I believe, my first woodworking (if you can call it that) project since high school. I chose the wood, cut it with the saw, and screwed it together. With an actual drill, which is a big deal for me. I definitely had help from my super patient husband (who build things from wood for his job, so…), and in the end I have a display shelf and slightly less fear of power tools. Double win!

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 9.24.25 PM

It’s fun to see this in my kitchen everyday (oh, please excuse these very lightbulb-lit photos), and reminds me of the feeling I got right after finishing it, which was ‘I wanna make EVERYTHING!’

Perhaps there is a little project that is itching to be made or skill you want to learn…It might not turn out to be amazing, but you’ve gotta get your ideas out. Even if they are so. very. silly.

shelf (1)



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