Favorite Food Blogs


{images via Raspberri Cupcakes & Minimalist Baker}

I find that if I am spending a lot of my creative energy in one place (ahem, boolah baguette…), then I have a hard time also being creative in some other areas. Cooking especially falls by the wayside. Now that my major sale for this Spring in complete, I am looking forward to eating some good food again, and even more, I’m excited to put in the time to make it. I thought I would share a few of my favorite food blogs for some inspiration…

* Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – I have turned to this blog a lot for great recipes, and I love how the recipes are laid out and easy to find. My favorites include the Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake (which I have made several variations of, all delicious), and the San Francisco Chops (because I love recipes for the slow cooker). Also, the Sweet and Spicy Pork Tenderlion is amazing. I never wanted much to do with cooking different cuts of pork, but I really feel like this blog is a great resource for the how-to.

*Raspberri Cupcakes – This is my favorite for desserts. They are all so interesting and the photography is lovely – Even if I never make a single recipe, I want to eat everything she makes.

*Mint Green Apron – I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, who runs this blog, this past summer. Besides the fact that she is the nicest person ever, her food blog is full of healthy, delicious looking recipes. I like that she talks about her life and how the recipes came to her. I’m excited to try these cookies!

*Minimalist Baker – I love their philosophy and simple approach to recipes and cooking. And c’mon, best food styling around!


Did you make it through that very linky list? Happy cooking and baking!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Food Blogs

  1. Thank you for including me on this great post. I too love Minimalist Baker…gorgeous photography. If you are ever back this way I will make you a grape leaf pie sans nuts! xo Michelle

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