Inspiring People: Mister Finch


Mister Finch is a gentleman soft sculpture artist from England. He uses mixed textiles to create these amazing pieces of nature and fantasy, which are all simply stunning. Seriously, for me, finding out about this work was like finding treasure. I am totally drooling as I write this and can see my imagination skipping off in all sorts of new directions. As I lean more and more to making soft sculpture alongside my dolls, it is really inspiring to see artists who are so established and successful in their craft. Go over to his website and facebook page, it’s all so visual you simply must take a look! Sigh…

Collaborative Drawing with Kids

drawings drawing (2)These are a few drawings I did with my daughter over the weekend – I don’t always love doing kid-specific crafts, but drawing is something I could sit and do for hours (if I ever gave myself that kind of time). This is a great, quiet activity for us to do together, passing the paper back and forth and listening to her comment about her process. There is a very inspiring blog, Busy Mockingbird, where she makes amazing collaborative drawings with her child – have a look, they are quite stunning!

Happy drawing~

Illustration Favorites


A few of my favorite illustrated children’s books from this Spring, because we all know the best part about reading to kids is the pictures. And, if you love the very cute cuteness of this Polly Dunbar cover above, you’ll love the rest of her books too! Happy reading…

1. And Then It’s Spring  2. Cherry the Pig  3. Itsy Mitsy Runs Away  4. Two at the Zoo  5. Hello Tilly  6. Bluebird

Flock and Gather Springtime Market

FGspring251 Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 9.09.45 PMFGspring248

Our Springtime Market definitely happened! It was almost two weeks ago now, but it always takes some time to recover from these sorts of things – I often compare it to planning a wedding…twice a year. As always, it was wonderful to meet new makers and reunite with old friends, and be reminded again that this show is so well received. We are really lucky. And did I mention the 6′ flowers and the free candy? Oh, I think the candy got a lot of us through…

You can see all the photos over at the Flock and Gather blog  (I feel like a proud mama)

Thanks to all of our talented makers and wonderful faces!


A Favorite Custom Doll


giraffe (2)Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 12.56.29 PMgiraffe (1)

Making custom dolls is an interesting thing – sometimes I take on a project and though I’m initially excited, I’m also not quite sure where to start. I had never made a giraffe before, and so I started by doing my usual research…which is a google image search. I know, shocking. I got it down to the idea that they are kind of long necked horses, with those strange little horns. I guess I could have looked far and wide and found a giraffe print fabric to use, but it seemed a little nicer (though considerably more work) to sew each spot on individually. I, er, might be a bit of a perfectionist. Anyway, even though it took me a bit to figure this one out, I ended up loving him so much – It’s always worth it to tackle something new.