Boolah Baguette Undies

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 11.22.39 PMundies (5)Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 11.23.18 PMundies (7)

In the middle of pre-Christmas madness last year, I took a (momentary) step away from the dolls and started making some underwear for kids. Since I already make children’s items it seemed like a good fit – plus I’m so tired of seeing cheaply made, flimsy girl panties, and kids underwear decorated with movie characters in order to sell them. Maybe I’ve thought too much about it at this point, but I think kid’s underwear should hold it’s place through kartwheels and be easy enough for a potty trainer. Well, it’s been about a year since I started making these for my own kids, so I felt like I had tested and re-tested the pattern enough (this particular pattern is That Darn Kat – and if you sew, I definitely encourage you to try it!). I love the modesty, the elastic-free, and the contrasting front panel even in the girl’s pattern. And when I came across this beautiful organic cotton fabric from Lillestoff, well, I just had to. I had to! The fabric is so soft, some of the nicest I’ve ever worked with, and it is perfect for underwear. There should be a rule about undies being as cute as possible!

So far I have just been making these to accompany my dolls at a few craft sales, but maybe I will be able to offer them online soon. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Inspiring People: Bea Johnson


I stumbled across Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home site through Pinterest, and I was immediately hooked. Bea and her family have chosen to live in a way that produces next to no waste – and though I’ve heard these types of stories before, I’m not sure anyone else has done it in such a modern way. The photos of their house are so minimal and lovely, and so inspiring to me – anyone who knows me knows that I have been working on decluttering and minimizing our possessions for years now (and it’s possible that reading about how other people have simplified has become a bit of a hobby). I also read the Zero Waste Home book, and found it full of good ideas, even if you’re only wanting to change your lifestyle slightly in this direction – some of the solutions are so obvious that it’s embarrassing to admit how much waste we create daily. The thing I found most interesting is that she talks a lot about creativity, and how coming up with solutions to promote zero waste became her life’s creative project. Check it out if this interests you too!

Guinea Pig Takes Flight

guinea (5)Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 12.07.52 AMguinea (2)Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 12.07.07 AM

Oh that little face. I could probably stare at it all day long.

This is a piece I created recently for a local exhibition with a hybrid animals theme, and I think the wings are just the thing to make this wee guinea pig a little extra special. Secretly (okay no so secretly) I would like a real guinea pig, but making this allllmost satisfied that want. It’s all the cute with none of the clean up!

I loved making this piece, and it was a new experiment for me using flax pulp as stuffing (amazing), and creating these little feet out of a soft clay-like product. When I get this guy back home I would love to display him suspended somewhere, feet a-dangling! Ack!

Thanks to the Wild in the City Nature Festival and Unreal City here in Saskatoon for having me as part of your show!