Week in photos, a few more

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We saw an old friend marry a new friend, our littlest watered grandma’s garden, and my girl spent a few days at camp {the very same place where I spent my summers as a kid, where I fell for my now-husband as a staff, where we got married…there’s a lot tied up in that place}. We played with sweet children and I saw lifetime friends who are so dear to me. We crossed the longest bridge and he insisted that we eat these just-beginning carrots everyday, ‘like bunnies.’

Weeks in photos

We have been out, gone so many days that I am quite sure my littlest forgot where we actually lived, which is kind of wonderful. We travelled east and camped overlooking the lake, with a few stops for some roadside attractions. We threw stones, chopped wood, set the tent up and down several times in new places. We (me anyway) wished the sun would go down a bit sooner and the children would realize it was time for sleeping.We smelled like smoke and were bit by mosquitos and hugged our lovely family and friends along the way.

{ps, I should be back here a little more often now}

Teeny Tiny Trunk Show

The Teeny Tiny Trunk Show has been an idea brewing in the back of my mind for a while now (months? years?). Each of our vendors was asked to bring a suitcase to use as their display – the small amount of space was limiting compared to the large tables you normally deal with at a craft show, and it was a good challenge to make items that would fit with the idea of the sale. Everyone could make whatever they fancied, not just within the medium they normally work – and that’s where these little clay creatures came from for me (I had to include this last photo of my wee guy really getting ready to flick them!). We set up outside of my favorite tiny shop, Tamarack General Store, and had a lovely day. Oh making tiny things, I do love it so!