Week in Photos

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It’s been a lovely week, from top to bottom:

All the summer clothes are stained and little toes grow into new sizes of shoes :: soap in one and honey in the other, happy to support my friends and local businesses filling up jars :: a little friend that has been visiting our yard, eating the clover and leaving us ‘presents’ on the sidewalk :: the annual crab apple pick, so so many shaken off the tree and taken to a local restaurant – happy to pass them on :: celebrated our eight year anniversary! found this gem from when we were 18 and working together at a summer camp, where playing dress up and dropping people in the lake = young love :: I am loving this book, since canning intimidates me. Even if you don’t follow the recipes, the idea of small batches is wonderful ::

~ happiest long weekend to you! ~

Inspiring People: Adatine


I find these little creatures by Adatine just so charming. Normally I am a big fan of bright colors and patterns, the louder the better – but there is something about the muted colors that come out of natural fabrics and natural dyes that is so comforting. Adatine is the handmade business of two friends in Lithuania, who use traditional textiles like linen, cotton, and wool to create their goods. I love the skinny little legs (once you attempt to sew and turn a tiny little leg, you’ll be in awe of them forever!), the embroidery (that whale!), and the sort of folk art-modern look and feel of these animals. If you think these are great too, Adatine has a shop over here on Etsy – thanks so much Elena and Ieva for letting me share your creations!

The Monday Goods


From top to bottom, wishing you a happy week…

Does everyone want a guinea pig, or is it just me. still :: Knitted goods, by Lucky Boy Sunday :: These amazing tents! :: This cup, not just for camping :: The Fanfare organic flannel collection by Made By Rae, because seriously, this fabric is so nice. It puts fabric store flannel to shame :: This book, because I read it in two days (! unheard of !) :: Bobo Choses clothing, sheesh, i love it :: Those masks are kind of amazing? :: knitted crown, because I still want one, and still can’t knit :: Donna Wilson turtle 🙂

Custom Bride and Groom

wedding (1)wedding (2)wedding

In July, I made these custom wedding dolls – a gift from my dear friends to their sister. Without their knowing, I worked from pictures of the wedding outfits. I was loving the sweetheart neckline and lace of her dress, and the way the veil turned out as such a nice detail. On him, it was the removable navy suit jacket, the stripey tie and the stubble (!) These dolls somehow felt extra special and I feel lucky to be involved in such a gift. Happy wedding R&J!

Inspiring People: Johana Molina of Felting Dreams


I am so excited to share this loveliness from Felting Dreams – these little mice have been Etsy favorites of mine for years now. Who doesn’t love a teeny tiny mouse all dressed up? The little glasses, the overalls, Gah! The cute is overwhelming, plus her styling is genius. I just love everything about it.  The maker, Johana, is a fiber artist living in Chile. She uses little wire frames, wool, and other bits to create the clothing and accessories. I enjoyed reading her ‘about’ section of her Etsy shop, it feels so honest and humble and fits perfectly with these sweet little creatures.

Felting Dreams is here on Etsy ~ Thank you for letting me share these Johana!

A new place for making…

I have been hesitant to share the news of getting a new studio space for a while now – summer has been a bit overwhelming (when isn’t it though?) and I could barely even think about this space. I wasn’t even sure that it was the right thing to do, since my kids are little and working from home allows a bit more flexibility. But as I’ve painted and started to move things in over the last week, I am more and more excited about it. The space is a garage that was built as a studio, and was the former workplace of my dear friend Cathy – so I have already spent a lot of hours there over cups of wine and good conversation. I am excited to have a place to work that is away from my home, so that I can spend some focused time there and not be distracted by household things. And the truth is, I need the change (I.always.need.the.change) Hopefully a lot of lovely plush things will come out of these doors. To new beginnings!

Inspiring People: Simpli Jessi


Oh my plush-lovin heart! These dolls by Simpli Jessi are quite wonderful. I can’t decide if it’s the lovingly embroidered faces (those noses!) or all the sweet details in the clothing – whatever it is, it all adds up to so much personality in these little beings. I felt an instant connection when I discovered that she also does custom look a like dolls – you should see them, they are so spot on!  If you love dolls like I do, go check out her blog and Etsy shop – thanks for letting me share these Jessi!

The Monday Goods


Inspiration for the beginnings of a new week…

I’ll take two of everything from Boden :: Washi tape bicycle :: Indigo has it’s claws in everyone (quilts) :: those faces! :: I know I know, triangles, but this color combo dresser is amazing :: In my opinion, the most beautiful Waldorf Dolls :: pom pom wreath! (via) :: those letters, those colors, that sentiment :: Vintage Motor Inn :: Stripey arrows ::

Week in Photos

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From top to bottom,

I know these are weeds, but I avoid pulling them out because they bloom purple :: the sprinklers turned on for the hottest evenings, and if (when) we ever move, there will be a moment where I miss this archway covered in grape vines and this big lovely yard (work that it is…) :: hydrangeas always remind me of my friend S, over at calligraphy of east :: I don’t do that much photography ‘work’ anymore, but when I do, the images that come out of it surprise me so, and are like nothing I could have planned. This little face is my friend’s sweet daughter, and the mama is ready to greet another sweet little face at the bottom here :: above, she wanted a canola field but we were too late in the season. Fortunately, in Saskatchewan, there is always a field of something yellow, somewhere :: and a little bird from some product photos for my dear artist friend (see, I really only photograph my friends…) Shauna Buck, and part of her Alphabetical Aviary series ::

Hope you’re having the nicest August weekend,

xo – erin