A new place for making…

I have been hesitant to share the news of getting a new studio space for a while now – summer has been a bit overwhelming (when isn’t it though?) and I could barely even think about this space. I wasn’t even sure that it was the right thing to do, since my kids are little and working from home allows a bit more flexibility. But as I’ve painted and started to move things in over the last week, I am more and more excited about it. The space is a garage that was built as a studio, and was the former workplace of my dear friendΒ Cathy – so I have already spent a lot of hours there over cups of wine and good conversation. I am excited to have a place to work that is away from my home, so that I can spend some focused time there and not be distracted by household things. And the truth is, I need the change (I.always.need.the.change) Hopefully a lot of lovely plush things will come out of these doors. To new beginnings!


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