Inspiring People: EEching’s Handmade


Oh man! I will try to stay coherent while I talk about my love for these dolls by EEching’s Handmade, because if I were to talk to you about them in person it would likely involve a lot of squealing and my eyes going big and waving my hands around, fan girl style. Because this is how you get, it seems, when you are really into something, and tiny handmade plush dolls are entirely my weakness. Okay, ahem. These are lovingly made by Ching, a Malaysian artist, who is a self-taught sewist (she also draws and makes other textile goodies and prints her own packaging. so lovely). I love how these dolls capture her style over and over, though each one is so unique in its details. I have complete respect for the hours it would take to make all these tiny stitches (that little carrot bag!) and what comes across as the artist’s fierce imagination. Swoon, big time.

Check out EEching’s Handmade Facebook page for more behind the scenes photos, and her Etsy shop where you can buy these little lovelies. Thanks Ching, for letting me share your work!



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