Simple Homemade Yogurt


Now, this isn’t a food blog. Obviously. But I love yogurt, like almost as much as I love tiny plush animals. I wanted to share this recipe/tutorial that was given to me by my sister in law this summer – I had forgotten all about making yogurt until we stayed with them on our holidays. I used to make a more complicated recipe and after it failed a few times in a row I gave up. But we eat a lot of yogurt and just the amount of plastic containers accumulating was getting to me. The recipe is from Kitchen Stewardship (tutorial in the link), though it is likely a well known method for making yogurt that you could find other places. Here is the condensed version, to make it seem as easy as it is:

:: choose jars to use and sterilize them (I use jars from Adams Peanut Butter because they are big!)

:: put milk in the jars and set them into a large pot of water, bring it to boiling. Sterilize a candy thermometer and put it in one of the jars. The temperature should reach 185 degrees

:: take the jars out and leave them cool on the counter for about 1.5 hours. The temperature should drop until it is between 100-110 degrees. When it gets there, gently stir in your starter yogurt, 2-3 Tbsp per jar

:: put lids on the jars and set them in an insulated cooler. I fill it partway with warm water instead of the towel method. Wait about 6-8 hours, then take out and put in the fridge. The end. Once it’s cool, stir it up and eat!

I love doing this when I have other things in the kitchen on the go. Like making bread, it actually involves very little effort, but it’s over the better part of a day. Also, I know that it is good to use fresh starter yogurt every once in a while, but I have had continued success using the last bit of yogurt from my previous batch. Try it!


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