In the Studio

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September and October have been quite busy for me over in my little studio. The best part is that lately, I have had more time than normal to work there – I go first thing after my kids are off to school, and I feel like I’m getting away with something…which I’m pretty sure is the giddy feeling of getting to do a creative job that I love! I tell yah, I will soak in that feeling as long as I can. Anyway, a crazy amount of dolls have been made (I am getting ready for a sale in Calgary next week), my favorite podcasts run throughout the day (more on this soon, I’ve found some good ones lately), my tables get messy, and it’s the greatest. Just thought I would give a peek at some new dolls (yep, this is how I take photos…a big piece of white paper on the floor) and into my studio-day!

** Have a wonderful weekend **


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