New Craft Calgary!


I spent last weekend in Calgary, taking part in the New Craft Coalition sale. This was my first out-of-province sale experience, and I’m not going to lie – the night before we left, as I was packing everything up and trying to remember every last detail, I thought, this is completely nuts. And I’m still not sure how people manage to do it all the time, especially around Christmas. This is a strange business for maker-artists…you spend 95% of your time alone, making, and then bring your goods to these intense sales that are very social and very exhausting and totally fulfilling all at once. My customers are the loveliest, and it always feel so good to meet the people who give the dolls a good home. But the real story of these sales is behind the tables, new relationships made between you and the neighbor vendor, and big hugs given to old friends. It’s preeetty great.

And shock of all shocks, there was amazing stuff at the sale, some familiar, and lots that was new to me. This is in no way everyone who was there, but just a few pretty things…



top to bottom: Cathy Terepocki Ceramics, Rabbet, Dear Pony, Leave it to Cleaver, White Owl Ceramics, Sweet Jane Clothing, Carole Epp Ceramics

Thanks to the NCC ladies who work so hard to organize this sale, and to everyone who came and said hi or who picked out a favorite doll. My making energy is totally renewed!

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