A Leopard Jacket for Kids Clothes Week

kcwc (1)

Do you know about Kids Clothes Week? It is a wonderful week of intentional sewing for your kids – it happens four times a year and the idea is to sew along with a bunch of other participants for one hour a day, for seven days. This is the brain child of Elsie Marley, but now it has a whole community and blog of it’s own. Let’s just say that I did not make it to the hour every day this week, but I wanted to participate in any small way I could (and I, for whatever reason, told my daughter that I could make a costume this year…). This girl love loves animal prints, the louder the better, so when all the halloween faux furs went on sale, I picked up way too much of this leopard print, hoping for the best. And then it sat. there. in. my. studio. So with the Friday deadline of a school Halloween dance, I started it, erm, also on Friday.

I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted to make – a dress-style jacket, not too costume-y. Using one of her hoodies as a vague sizing guide, I just cut what I hoped would become something wearable. (Full disclosure – I used to make kids clothing and sell it, which is maybe why I wasn’t entirely terrified to make this. Also, I’m going to geek out about sewing for a bit here…) At first the main body of it was just a long a-line shape, and when that seemed to boring, I made the two second decision to cut it off just under the arms, add a few panels to the bottom half to allow for pleating, and sewing it back on as an empire waist. I had her try it on, and minutes before it was needed I added the fur to the sleeves for extra length, put the buttons in the right place, and sewed the tail on the back. WHEW!

Now, I haven’t made her any kind of clothing since she was old enough to have an opinion, so it has been really surprising to me to see her choose this as her jacket every day over the weekend. I probably would have taken much more time and lined it and been more careful had I known…but so it is. I just plain love that she loves something I made. Everyone wins.


Screen shot 2014-10-26 at 6.51.32 PMleopard (1)

I’m so glad KCW exists – and next time around I’ll be sure to post about it here ahead of time so you can join in too. Check out their site to see what others have made this week. Happy sewing*


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