Inspiring People: Marathon 1981


A few years ago, Kami (the lovely lady behind Marathon 1981) and I both had dolls in the same Plush You show in Seattle. While scrolling through the list of artists involved in the show, I came across her work, discovered she was from the prairies (Shock! There are so few plush makers out here that I know about), and immediately contacted her. We made the best kind of trade – I sent one of my horses her way, and I received one of her ‘furmaids’ who still watches over my studio. There are so many reasons why I think these creatures are amazing – I find that I tend to take my dolls to the cute cute side, so I love it when others are able to take the plush form and give it an edge (especially these two in the last photo from her solo show Cute and Awful). The use of vintage fabrics, visible hand stitches, and slight wonkiness (in the best possible way), make sure you know that these have been handmade and are one of a kind. I love ’em.

You can find Kami and her creatures in her shop, on her blog, and facebook page. Thanks so much Kami! (plus, we need to have tea someday…)

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