Inspiring People: Evie Barrow


I first learned of Evie through her very beautiful and detailed dolls and plush creations – these folk-inspired one of a kind dolls that embrace their material flaws (and just look at all the tiny hand embroidered stitches!). But then I followed her a little further and it turns out that Evie is so talented in so many areas, the kind of illustrator-designer-maker that makes me immediately feel jealous and want to be friends all at once. Her blog is where she shares her new work, her drawings, doodles, inspirations, personal tid bits, free crafts and designs, and stunning photography. I may have read the whole thing all at once, and it is completely inspiring me to get back to drawing and finally learn some computer skills that are sorely missing from my life. To say the least, the little world Evie has created is really really lovely.

Have a look at her blog, facebook page, instagram, and etsy shop. Thank you so much Evie!


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