Custom Dolls for Christmas

custom custom

Hey guys! I have some good new and bad news regarding getting yourself a Boolah Baguette doll before Christmas. The bad news first – unlike other years, I will not have a table at the upcoming Flock and Gather Winter Wonders sale (you should definitely come out to this sale – see the amazing vendor line-up here). But the good news is that there is still time to get a custom doll made if you were hoping to have it before Christmas! If you are curious about what a custom doll is all about and pricing, see the link up at the top of the blog that reads ‘Custom Dolls.’ Please email me at if you have any further questions or would like to set up a custom order.

For in-person buying, the dolls are available at:

The Better Good – Saskatoon :: Anthology – Saskatoon :: Riva’s Eco Store – Calgary :: Plant – Calgary

*The pre-Christmas season is always a busy one, you may want to call ahead about availability.

Thanks for all your support!

xo – Erin


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