The Progression of a Doll

Hello fine friends. Recently I undertook the process of sorting through my digital photos (this here computer said, enough!), which turned out to be no small task. Along with tossing thousands of photos, I came across all of my product shots too. Looking back at these, the early ones especially, is a little hilarious, a little embarrassing, and a lot humbling.

I have always been a big proponent of photographing your work – for record keeping, and to show how it has evolved. I am finally at the point where I can look back and see the changes – it’s so obvious to me now where the little differences in making happened along the way, and how the dolls changed shape, and in my eyes, got better. And it’s crazy embarrassing to see those first dolls (the very very first, well, there are no proper photos of them, the weirdest of them all!), with arms akimbo and barely any faces, skinny little bodies, and strange fabric choices. I can’t help but feel like they look sloppy now, but they were truly one of a kind, and it’s likely that part that people were interested in. And yes, to every one of you who has been with me from the beginning, who bought one of my creations along the way, thank you. Though I was creating because I loved it, I doubt I would have spent the same kind of time and energy without the sales that came along. Creating more product allowed me to keep trying, to keep figuring out what Boolah Baguette was.

I think it’s great to look back on your work over years and cringe a little. It means you’ve grown and changed, and are likely making something closer to ideal. I hope that never stops happening (and of course, reminds me of this now very famous quote from Ira Glass). And with that, Boolah Baguette over the years…

dollprogress1doll progress2dollprogress3dollprogress4dollprogress5

Here’s to more making, and continuous growth!



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