With Kids, Part Two

withkids2Sometimes I get kid’s craft books from the library. Sometimes I intend to make the crafts with my kids, and other times I don’t (my patience must be at the hiiiighest level), but they always inspire me somehow. Forest Fairy Crafts (a lovely blog too, talk about crafting with kids) came home with me recently, and last weekend I thought me and my girl should try making them together, these little fairies. I was a bit skeptical about the use of pipe cleaners, but I did remember making very rudimentary versions of dolls like this with my best friend when we were little. I loved them.

I’ll admit, for the most part I made these tiny dolls. I was really into it. E came and went, picking out yarn for hair, choosing colors and accessories, and stitching up the sides of dresses and hats (I have got to get this kid into embroidery). Instead of using wooden beads for the heads, we made beads from a fimo-type clay that you bake, then painted on the details. Yep, I just happened to have this ‘flesh colored’ clay, as well as all these other supplies and bits and bobs, oh my poor craft room. And after hours spent (she went off to a sleepover, I kept on) and moments over a week, we finished the fairies.

withkids2 (3)withkids2withkids2 (1)withkids2

The green haired girl was E’s favorite and the one she worked on the most. I’m not sure I can choose a favorite, there is just something about making tiny things. Anyway, we’re glad these little feather-winged fairies have come to stay with us, and our next project might have to be a proper home for them.

I hope you had a lovely weekend,



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With Kids

lucas (1)

{Even though my studio is away from home now, when I do bring dolls home to get ready to ship out, and he is around, there is always a hug goodbye. I love this photo so much}

Over the weekend my kids were playing a game together – she was running a daycare and he was working. ‘What kind of work do you do?‘ I asked him. ‘Oh, I’m an artist,’ he said

‘What kind of art do you make?’

‘I just make dollies’

And then my mama self melted. Because I was not expecting that, and it was so damned sweet and innocent. And because my kids see this scrappy work that I have as art and as a job – because why would they think otherwise? That’s all they know. And there are these moments when I feel very lucky to do what I do, I mean, I always feel lucky for that, but especially to make things that are so kid friendly and imaginative right now when my kids are little. They are kids, they would never question why I want to make dolls and stuffed animals. They get it – they think these things are awesome, the end. Pink hair? Awesome. One-eyed blue bison? Awesome. The weirder the better. Kids are kind of awesome like that too.

I am so curious to see how things will change as they get older, if and how it will influence what I make. We shall see. And i’ll take those hugs goodbye any day.

Photobook Love


For the past four years I have taken some time, usually at the end of December or January (though I seemed to have dragged the most recent one right into spring…), and gathered up our digital photos from the year. It started after my brother gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to have photo books made, and I now think it was one of the best gifts ever. It does take hours and hours to sort and choose and play with the layout, but I think it’s so worth it. It is rare that I print out photos at all anymore, but my kids love seeing our family, friends, and themselves as littler people – I keep these books on a low shelf and they pull them out often. I have had the thought before that, if our house was on fire and I could grab one thing, it would be these books. No joke.

{There are likely an overwhelming number of options for creating photo books (everything from here is so lovely) – mine were all made here, they are these ones (check their promos!). The photo quality is good enough for me, and I like the ability to customize the entire book. I don’t write any captions inside, deciding against it after reading the ones in my teenage scrapbook. Yikes embarrassing}

After going through all my old print photos recently and tossing loads and loads of them, I wish I’d always been able to sit down after the year and choose my favorites. I am so hoping to keep this little collection growing over the years.

What do you do with your photos?

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Animal Dress-Up Dolls!

animaldressupdress upanimaldressup (4)dress upanimaldressup (1)animaldressup (7)dress upSpring here in Saskatchewan is providing some wonderful sunshine, and also the inspiration for these very sweet animal dress-up dolls that are new in my shop! I have so enjoyed coming up with their little costumes and personalities (and I’m still in love with those wee freckles…)

You can see them all here in my shop…

Wishing you a lovely day!


monkeysAs I was sorting through old photos recently I came across this one – my very first stuffed animal (mine is on the right). This was an afternoon project with my roomate Krista, in our University days. I remember us choosing the classic sock monkey, using scraps from around the house, and sewing on my grandma’s antique machine. We were wondering, how do you attach a mouth that sticks out? They had long legs and no arms and were entirely creepy…and we were super proud of them. I love this.

Sew With Me!

fox dollfox doll{***This class is now full – can’t wait!***}

I am happy to announce that my next class is being held on:

Sunday, May 3rd, from 1:30 – 4:30pm
At Rusty Macdonald Library (Meeting Room) in Saskatoon, SK
Cost is $65, and includes all materials

**There are only 10 spots available for this class**

To reserve a spot in the class, you can purchase a Sew With Me listing in my Etsy shop.

We will be creating this sweet little fox shown here! The natural materials for this project include Organic cotton fleece and wool stuffing (regular polyester stuffing will be available too if you prefer). These are beautiful materials that are not available locally, so this is a great chance to discover how to with them while we learn the basics of making a soft toy. The final product is baby-friendly (no small parts).

What you will need to bring:
-Your sewing machine, threaded with white or neutral colored thread
-Pins and seam ripper, if you have

Is this class for me?
If you have basic sewing knowledge and are somewhat familiar with your sewing machine, you are welcome to be part of this class. You will need to know how to use a straight stitch, backstitch (reverse), and how to thread your machine and bobbin. Your sewing machine is the main tool used in this class, and if not working properly, can be a major cause of frustration for you. Your sewing skills do not need to be top notch, but make sure your machine is in good working order. **This class is only open to adults**

What if I sign up and can’t make it?
I will refund your spot up to 2 weeks before the class. No refunds will be given after that – please check the date and time and make sure it works for you!

Looking forward to sewing with you!

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