Photobook Love


For the past four years I have taken some time, usually at the end of December or January (though I seemed to have dragged the most recent one right into spring…), and gathered up our digital photos from the year. It started after my brother gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to have photo books made, and I now think it was one of the best gifts ever. It does take hours and hours to sort and choose and play with the layout, but I think it’s so worth it. It is rare that I print out photos at all anymore, but my kids love seeing our family, friends, and themselves as littler people – I keep these books on a low shelf and they pull them out often. I have had the thought before that, if our house was on fire and I could grab one thing, it would be these books. No joke.

{There are likely an overwhelming number of options for creating photo books (everything from here is so lovely) – mine were all made here, they are these ones (check their promos!). The photo quality is good enough for me, and I like the ability to customize the entire book. I don’t write any captions inside, deciding against it after reading the ones in my teenage scrapbook. Yikes embarrassing}

After going through all my old print photos recently and tossing loads and loads of them, I wish I’d always been able to sit down after the year and choose my favorites. I am so hoping to keep this little collection growing over the years.

What do you do with your photos?

photobook (1)


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