With Kids

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{Even though my studio is away from home now, when I do bring dolls home to get ready to ship out, and he is around, there is always a hug goodbye. I love this photo so much}

Over the weekend my kids were playing a game together – she was running a daycare and he was working. ‘What kind of work do you do?‘ I asked him. ‘Oh, I’m an artist,’ he said

‘What kind of art do you make?’

‘I just make dollies’

And then my mama self melted. Because I was not expecting that, and it was so damned sweet and innocent. And because my kids see this scrappy work that I have as art and as a job – because why would they think otherwise? That’s all they know. And there are these moments when I feel very lucky to do what I do, I mean, I always feel lucky for that, but especially to make things that are so kid friendly and imaginative right now when my kids are little. They are kids, they would never question why I want to make dolls and stuffed animals. They get it – they think these things are awesome, the end. Pink hair? Awesome. One-eyed blue bison? Awesome. The weirder the better. Kids are kind of awesome like that too.

I am so curious to see how things will change as they get older, if and how it will influence what I make. We shall see. And i’ll take those hugs goodbye any day.


4 thoughts on “With Kids

  1. This is the perfect photo! Your children are so sweet! I think it is an incredible experience when your child knows how passionate you are about what you do/why you do it!

  2. Kids say the most honest things. Treasure them and write them down cause you believe you will always remember them, but as time goes by what is said can fade away although you remember the feeling. My son is 48 and was through visiting and he started to laugh then said ‘ I can’t believe you still have those dinasaurs ( 2 rubber bendy dinosaurs I bought him and his older sister when they were small) hanging on my trellis next to the window. I said ‘Why not? they make me smile whenever I look at them and they remind me of when you were young’ He didn’t say anymore but I know he had felt a wee warm glow inside. x

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