Summer Love Sale

BLOGSALEHello!! I’m celebrating the beginning of summer here at Boolah Baguette with a sale over in my shop! Everything is 25 – 50% off, and I have made my new cards and prints available online too – I’m so excited about this! The prices have already been reduced and are as listed in the shop – this sale will run until July 5. Enjoy, and happy happy summer!

{Please note that all items included in the sale are ready to ship. The sale prices do not extend to custom orders. Thanks!}

Guinea Pig Adoption

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 12.26.17 PMguinea pig (2)I’m not great at pets. I like to think about having a pet, but then I quickly talk myself out of it (I’m actually not sure that I would be capable of taking care of another being at this point…I like to tell my kids, I have plants instead). I’ve thought several times about getting a guinea pig, but really, I just want to look at guinea pigs. So here was my solution, and theeen, they multiplied. I made their little noses and gave them beady little eyes (because actual beads were used…), and I am sort of in love with each one. I am taking all these little guys to my neighborhood festival, Art in the Park, here in Saskatoon this Sunday (along with dolls and all my other goods), so perhaps you should come and adopt one!

Have the best weekend!