A collaboration with Bamboletta

bamboletta bamboletta (10)bambolettabamboletta (11)bambolettabamboletta (12)bambolettabamboletta (8)bambolettabamboletta (6)If you are a doll-lover, then I am so sure that you already know about Bamboletta Dolls. If this isn’t a name you’ve heard before, then let me tell you about a wonderful company. Bamboletta is located on Vancouver Island (and in Vancouver) and is run by Christina, who employs a whole crew of women to make these dolls. All the dolls are sewn in homes and studios by people who love the process and the product. Of course, the dolls are amazing in quality – made from thick cotton interlock and stuffed with wool, with beautiful wool hair (I’ve caught myself a few times arranging her hair while no one else was around…) and sweet clothes. They are pretty special, and I think the business itself is quite amazing.

So of course, when Christina approached me about creating some sets for them, it was an immediate yes. The sets include a little spirit animal and a matching jacket. I used a range of fabrics for the critters and stuffed them with the same wool that is used in the dolls – the animals also received a little accessory or bit of clothing. Many of the jackets have hoods with animal ears peeking out, and others are collared…all have great buttons πŸ™‚ It was so fun for me to think of animals, decide on fabrics, and see this project come together. I am honored to collaborate with a company with such integrity, and of course, one that loves dolls.

The sets will be available soon, and again in the near future – see the Bamboletta shop if you are interested. And don’t forget to read all about them and see all the dolls – your day will be immediately better.

Thanks Bamboletta!


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