Your Stuffed Animals Need Not Be Ugly

stuffedstuffed (1)

This post is not about anything hard-hitting. Are any of my posts? No. Anyway. I just want to talk a bit about ugly, scraggly old stuffed animals. I’ve got kids, so I know toys get loved and need to be cleaned, and often (but not always) sticking them in the washing machine and/or dryer can really give a toy that certain ‘scraggle.’ Some faux furs hold up just fine to washing and playing, and others clump up to no end. Up top here is a before and after of my little guy’s favorite (nope, I surely didn’t make it…isn’t that how it goes). My favorite and cheapest tool to get fur back into shape is a metal lice comb – you can usually find them inexpensively at the drug store or grocery store too.Β  Just comb it out with the direction of the fur, like you would hair, and the tight metal teeth will make it fluffy once again. Unfortunately, once the faux fur is matted, it’s likely to go back to this state again…but you can use this combing method over and over. This is also what I use to clean and fluff up my sheepskins, and I know that there is wool carding equipment and brushes specifically for this, but this has worked just fine for me.

So, even if your kid could care less, this might make that favorite stuffy just slightly more appealing to you. Keep it cute…


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