The Studio Comes Home


Hello! It’s been months since I was here last – the biggest thing that happened between then and now was the moving of my studio back into my house. With my kids in school, it started to feel like it would be okay to work at home again. I was missing the convenience of having all my supplies on hand, and I felt like I needed a bit more (but not too much…) human contact. I worried a bit about whether I would be able to keep the work/life boundaries that had naturally been set up with an away-from-home studio, but it turns out that the habits of stopping at a certain time for the day and just closing the door on a project carried on with me to this space. I never feel frantic to rush in there and work just a bit more – funny how that has changed over the last few years since I’ve dedicated so much more time to this, and since I’m not working solely in the fringe hours.

This space in my house is a little extra room over our porch. Emphasis on little (about 10×10, or a very small bedroom). It forces me to keep things tidy and tucked away. It has windows on every side and a nice view. My mom says it’s like being in a turret.

I am so very thankful that I had the guts to take on a bigger studio last year and treat my work more seriously. It was the perfect space for that and I got a hell of a lot of work done. I am thankful too that I had the guts to also make this step, a forwards step back, because sometimes that’s the way. Thanks for letting me share this peek behind the scenes!

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