April 18 Shop Update Preview

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This Tuesday’s Shop Update includes boys (!!), a special unicorn themed little lady, and two other sweet girls. There will also be a handful of doll sleeping bags, for extra fun times πŸ™‚

Shop Update is Tuesday, April 18, 12 noon from Saskatoon, Canada. Thank you!

keychains with kids


My girl E turned 9 last week and we made these keychains with the kids at her party, since crafts are my go-to (I mean, I briefly considered trying to figure out Bingo…but no.) This was a good one for this age, but could be made more or less complex – and the supplies (key rings, letter beads, wooden beads, craft acrylic paint, colored hemp, mod podge) were all from Micheals. The girls each came up with their own idea and some used sharpies for the little details (marker does tend to run on unfinished wood). The only instructions are to loop the cord through the end of the key ring so it is doubled, string on the beads from top to bottom and tie a knot at the bottom. I also sealed the painted wooden beads in Mod Podge.Β  I may have had the most fun…

Here was my inspiration: