Thanks Summer

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I enjoyed this summer so much. So much more than the summers of recent years, and this happened simply because I decided I was going to enjoy it. I did very little doll making work, and instead we slept in, crafted endlessly, went to camp, rode our bikes, played sports, and saw our friends. Classic summer.

I stepped away from social media and from documenting my life in any way other than photos I actually wanted to take. And for a time I felt released of the pressure to tell anyone what I was making or doing. Because I wasn’t posting, I wasn’t responding, and because I wasn’t selling, I didn’t have to follow up on that. The to-do list was short, and there was lots of room in my head to think about other creative things. And I remembered, oh yeah, you do truly have to take a long enough break for this to happen. Nothing is going to collapse, you’re not missing out.

I perfected baking cinnamon twists and gifting them to neighbors. We grew sunflowers that are just now blooming, we had a birthday party for Bruce the tiger, and I mean, who is going to win World of Dance?

Thanks summer, you were the best in a decade.