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Camping and blooms, leaves and pies, family and dolls. This shift of seasons has been perfectly sweet, from a summer that I truly enjoyed (sleeping in everyday! amazing. Conquering my fear of baseball, pretty great too), to my favorite time of year. Though these are busy making months before Christmas, it is also the time that everything else seems to slow down, getting ready for that Canadian winter hibernation. As always, lots of new goodies coming soon (tiny dolls!) as I continue to create.

Thanks for checking in with me here, and happy Autumn to your home.

xo – erin

On Favorite Places

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I have this favorite place – a camp where I spent a week every summer as a kid, and then many entire summers as a staff. I grew up here, my friends were here, I have seen this place at all hours of the day and night. This is where I started dating my now-husband, and also where we got married. This place is special.

I recently got to spend a week here with my family, taking in camp with different eyes. I helped in the kitchen (baking all the things!) while my kids played wide games, learned archery, and went kayaking. We all fell sleep exhausted every night. There are things about camp that are different now, but even when places like this change, they stay the same. The feeling here is the same. The bubble of being unattached to regular life, of things being simpler, of a group of people who are in it together. Inside jokes, seaweedy lake, wind through the poplars, sloppy joes, it’s the same.

Any time that I have found myself being asked to picture a favorite place in my mind, it is here, and will continue to be. Thanks for the new memories camp, it was wonderful to reconnect.


Story of a Summer

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As we roll into the first school days, I have not entirely been ready to accept the end of summer. This is new for me, normally I am more than happy to see the warm weather end, to bring over my favorite seasons. But this year, we got to spend a lot of time together, and two adults taking care of kids is always better than one (for me anyway…). We found new-to-us spots just outside the city for river swimming and camping, we saw our families, had fires, rode bikes, read, and played. Summer stuff. This was the best summer I’ve had since having kids, which I think speaks to everyone in our little family always growing up in ways needed. So thank you summer, and welcome here September, time to reign it all in a bit closer to home.

Photobook Love


For the past four years I have taken some time, usually at the end of December or January (though I seemed to have dragged the most recent one right into spring…), and gathered up our digital photos from the year. It started after my brother gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to have photo books made, and I now think it was one of the best gifts ever. It does take hours and hours to sort and choose and play with the layout, but I think it’s so worth it. It is rare that I print out photos at all anymore, but my kids love seeing our family, friends, and themselves as littler people – I keep these books on a low shelf and they pull them out often. I have had the thought before that, if our house was on fire and I could grab one thing, it would be these books. No joke.

{There are likely an overwhelming number of options for creating photo books (everything from here is so lovely) – mine were all made here, they are these ones (check their promos!). The photo quality is good enough for me, and I like the ability to customize the entire book. I don’t write any captions inside, deciding against it after reading the ones in my teenage scrapbook. Yikes embarrassing}

After going through all my old print photos recently and tossing loads and loads of them, I wish I’d always been able to sit down after the year and choose my favorites. I am so hoping to keep this little collection growing over the years.

What do you do with your photos?

photobook (1)

Winter, Don’t Go…

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For the last few years, about this time, I feel uneasy about the idea that there is so little of winter left. I love winter – everything about it, and you’ll never hear me complain about the cold. I realize that this is not the popular opinion of those living on the Canadian prairies in February. I know that most people are planning their gardens and dreaming of summer (or living it temporarily somewhere with a warmer climate), but I am completely soaking up the last weeks (months I hope!) of winter. The warm blankets, nightly tea, rosy cheeks, shovels and ski pants. The bright sun even on the coldest days. The ability to snuggle in and hide inside my house like a cat for six months of the year. That is key.

So winter, I’ll keep you a bit longer. Thanks.

Many Weeks In Photos

weekinphotosweekinphotosweekinphotos (2)weekinphotosweekinphotos (7)week in photosweekinphotosweekinphotos (8)

The weeks before and after Christmas, they were bits of creating here and there and last minute getting together of gifts. They were made up Christmas trees and made up traditions and late bedtimes. They were spent inside around food and outside around snow – spent with family and some precious moments alone. Both stressful and carefree, getting us to the end of the year. And now I can’t think or read or write fast enough about everything that I want this next year to be, it feels good to be at the start again.

Happy New Year~

Week (or two, or three) in Photos

week (2)weekweek (1)weekweekweek (5)week (4)

These last weeks have been full of little fingers and toes, leaves, the last of Grandma’s carrots, and dress up (an old one that I found of me and my big brother). I once again had the pleasure of taking photos for a few lovely families. We had the perfect yellow light afternoons and I remembered just what it is that I love about people + photos. Really simple moments, really beautiful faces (always). If I could keep fall all year…

Happy Thanksgiving

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Our Thanksgiving was yesterday, here in Canada. We saw both of our families in one weekend, spent hours in the car and possibly just as much time over food. Our children were miraculously well behaved (which is certainly not always the case), can that be the first thing I’m thankful for? I am thankful for my little family, that we put up with each other and love each other all at once. I am thankful for the fall and its colors that make you pay attention, for store bought pumpkin pie and a big fat warm blanket at night. I am certainly thankful that I have work that I love and places like this to be creative – for imagination, tiny little things that people make with their hands, the school bus driver, and hot lemony-ginger-honey water. It’s a good thing to think about – good to have a long long list.

* Happy Canadian Thanksgiving *

work-life, and little moments


In a corner edge of our yard is this amazing, natural little fort – made from layers of caragana and years of leaves. Though it doesn’t look like it, this is all contained by a large stone wall that separates our yard from a busy street – so in past summers I have asked the kids not to play here for fear that they would tumble over the wall. But they are bigger now and that place is so inviting for a kid, and I can’t really stop them. I used to carve out places like that from the bushes when I was little, so I get it.

Every once in a while I get to work, for real. My husband has a more flexible job, so when it’s not the height of a busy summer for him, we can do a bit more sharing of childcare. And because I am, for better or worse, used to being a mom at home with my kids, going out of the house and working for the day feels completely indulgent. And amazing. What I do at the studio does not feel like work – I love it a lot and feel very lucky for that. But being a mom this summer definitely felt like work, because kids are full time, in the craziest kinds of ways, and I felt like I rarely got to leave, or take a break from my ‘mom job.’

I always get a little upset reading advice to moms about savoring the moments with little kids. Because when being a mom is all I feel like I’m doing, I cannot see those little moments – I am just dying for a break from the hugeness of the responsibility. But in these times that I get to work, get to surround myself with something else, with quiet, accomplishing my own creative tasks, well then I can come home and we are happy to see each other, willing to listen to news from school or really see his face in the bathtub. And I get to have those moments. Briefly. Finally.

So this morning, just after the bigger one was sent off on the school bus, and just before we got out of our pajamas, I went into this magical little tree fort with him. Just for a minute I sat down and watched, because I knew that soon we would each be having our own Tuesday mornings.

Balance, oh sweet balance, I’m always working on it.