Class: Introduction to Doll Making

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A new class is happening on October 28 🙂 I am so looking forward to sharing everything I know about making dolls, and helping you create one of your own! All the information can be found here. Have a lovely day!


Thanks Summer

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I enjoyed this summer so much. So much more than the summers of recent years, and this happened simply because I decided I was going to enjoy it. I did very little doll making work, and instead we slept in, crafted endlessly, went to camp, rode our bikes, played sports, and saw our friends. Classic summer.

I stepped away from social media and from documenting my life in any way other than photos I actually wanted to take. And for a time I felt released of the pressure to tell anyone what I was making or doing. Because I wasn’t posting, I wasn’t responding, and because I wasn’t selling, I didn’t have to follow up on that. The to-do list was short, and there was lots of room in my head to think about other creative things. And I remembered, oh yeah, you do truly have to take a long enough break for this to happen. Nothing is going to collapse, you’re not missing out.

I perfected baking cinnamon twists and gifting them to neighbors. We grew sunflowers that are just now blooming, we had a birthday party for Bruce the tiger, and I mean, who is going to win World of Dance?

Thanks summer, you were the best in a decade.

Boolah Baguette and Bamboletta

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I was delighted to be asked to collaborate again with Bamboletta Dolls! Bamboletta produces handmade, Waldorf-style dolls on Canada’s west coast – Christina runs a beautiful company and each doll is the work of so many people! This time around, we paired one of my animals, one of their sitting friends, along with matching clothing and a coordinating animal headband. There were 11 sets in total that were snapped up and have already found new homes. So grateful for all you doll-loving ladies out there!

Projects like this are an incredible amount of work, and these were in progress on my studio tables for almost a month. I really thought about my fabric choices and stuck with soft, natural materials for the clothing – using mainly organic cottons and hemp. When I look at these photos I see so much hand sewing, from each little flower and detail on the headbands to the sleeve openings of the jackets. Seeing everything together in the end was so worth it for me, and it feels good to have completed something on a larger scale. Also, the answer is yes, I will be making more unicorns 😉

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Winter into Spring

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It is still very much winter here, through these first days of official spring – and in the last few months of hibernation, so many dolls were made and sent to new homes. I have a long wish list of dolls to come up next : more people dolls of all sizes (6″, 10″, 14″) will be listed in my shop in April, and I have had so many requests for bison that they will be coming soon too (please be in touch if you would like the inside scoop on that!). I will admit, the spring sun is lovely, and I do love sneaker season…

Happy Spring!

Flock and Gather, Dec 1&2

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Admittedly, I have been having so much fun preparing for the Flock and Gather Market tomorrow and Saturday (I have also totally been hustling my bones and working non-stop to get to this point!). I love it when a good kind of pressure pushes me to create new things that I love – case in point, all these peg people and their keychain versions! I find them so delightful 🙂 If you are in Saskatoon, I hope to see you there…



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Camping and blooms, leaves and pies, family and dolls. This shift of seasons has been perfectly sweet, from a summer that I truly enjoyed (sleeping in everyday! amazing. Conquering my fear of baseball, pretty great too), to my favorite time of year. Though these are busy making months before Christmas, it is also the time that everything else seems to slow down, getting ready for that Canadian winter hibernation. As always, lots of new goodies coming soon (tiny dolls!) as I continue to create.

Thanks for checking in with me here, and happy Autumn to your home.

xo – erin