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I receive a lot of interest in custom dolls, but am only able to take on a limited number of projects each month. This allows me to still make time for my own creative practice. For photos of all my custom dolls, please see the boolah baguette facebook page (facebook.com/boolahbaguette)

Custom dolls make a wonderful gift, and are a great way to remember a loved one or a pet. I work from your photos, descriptions, and preferences to make sure that the doll is one you will be happy with. Please keep in mind that the dolls will always be made in the boolah baguette style. The custom lookalike dolls start in price at $100 – please contact me with your idea for a further quote, boolahb@gmail.com.

*A note about Copyright:: I am not able to make a custom doll that reference copyrighted work (books, movies, drawings, etc) without the author/illustrator’s consent.


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