**If your question is not answered here, please email me at boolahb@gmail.com**

*Do you make custom order dolls?

As of February 2020, I will be taking a limited number of custom orders each month.

*Do you do other custom sewing?

I don’t, sorry!

*There are no dolls in your shop – where are they?

The dolls find homes quickly once they are listed, so I am always working on more! I try to update my shop once or twice a month.

*How can I know when you have new dolls available?

I post dates and times of shop updates on my Istagram and Facebook pages. I also occasionally sell dolls directly through posts on these sites.

Joining my email newsletter is a good way to get updates on the state of my work and my shop.

*What are the dolls made from?

I make the dolls from fabrics that appeal to me – these include cottons, micro chenille, fleece, and different types of faux fur. For the people dolls, the ‘skin’ is a high quality European-made cotton interlock. Dolls are stuffed firmly with polyfill.

*Can the dolls be washed?

This is a tricky one, and it depends on the doll. To avoid heartbreak after a wash cycle I recommend hand washing or spot washing and air drying.

*My doll’s faux fur hair is matted, can that be fixed?

Usually. Sometimes all it takes is a brushing with a very fine toothed comb. I talk about this here

*Can you fix my doll?

Most likely yes! I am always happy to fix the dolls I have made. If you are outside of Saskatoon, shipping will be your responsibility. Please contact me first if you plan to send a doll my way. 

*What makes the doll’s cheeks red, and why does it eventually come off?

This is done with a colored beeswax, and because it is a natural material it will eventually wear from the fabric with play. I am happy to include an extra little piece of fabric with some of the beeswax on it so that you can re-rosy the cheeks as needed, just ask.

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