Handmade Scandanavian Christmas, A Wreath Project


So, it’s no secret that I love winter, and Christmas, and everything that goes along with the season. So when Stitch Craft Create asked me once again to be part of their Handmade Christmas Decoration Blog Hop, I was a definite yes please! I chose to do a project from the book above, since I am really drawn to the idea of Christmas being less gaudy and more natural…simpler. Full disclosure, the lovely SCC folks gave me a copy of this book, but I truly do not agree to these projects because I am looking for free stuff – I just really love being inspired to make things…pretty much anything. I am a good student – so when offered up a project that shakes me out of my normal making (sewing!) routine, I am all about it. It always leads to something good.

blog (5)wreath

{Inspired by the book, we spent an afternoon this weekend in our yard, gathering up natural materials like branches and pine cones}

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book – the photography is beautiful, and the projects are simple and humble. Most of all, the whole thing really makes you feel like you could just step outside, cut some pine branches and make it all. Also, there are a lot of projects – food related, things for kids to make, home decorations, gift wrapping ideas, and winter flowers. For more photos from the book, check out the review from Chickpea Sewing Studio


I wasn’t sure at first which project to make, I was really tempted to default to a garland (my go to), but once all the materials were collected, it became obvious that I should try a wreath. I always have a wreath on our front door and hadn’t changed it out for winter yet – so I broke the branches into smaller pieces and got out the hot glue gun. There are no pictures of the process…you know how hot glue with kids around can be kind of all consuming? Well, I just kept layering the sticks making sure the base branches were secure. I filled it in with pinecones, a few beads for color, and hung in the middle a cut out (hey husband – thanks for workin’ the saw!) from a wooden sign that I painted for our winter market years ago (I chose the W for our last name), and it was all tied up and hung with a bit of hemp rope…


This project was completely free and such a good one-afternoon make. I love seeing it on our front door, and I never would have made something like this without this little nudge!


The Stitch Craft Create site has loads of craft books and downloads, and you can get Handmade Scandanavian Christmas over there too.

If you want to be a part of the Christmas crafting too – here’s some incentive! You can enter your own handmade decoration in their contest to win up to $100 (pounds actually, so you do the math) in prizes to spend at SCC. Um, sounds good to me! Check out all the details here…