Creativity Club Assignment #2, Copying

Hi! Did you have a lovely weekend? Good, me too.

I took a bit of time to finish up February’s Creativity Club project today. The assignment was to find an image of the word house (the other options were coffee pot, pencil, and eye), so I searched Pinterest and found this cozy attic-treehouse…


I did my best, but, I can’t tell you where this image originates…sorry!

And then I copied it by drawing it once,

houseproject (1)

And then copied it again in a different medium. I chose a paper collage, because when I was deciding what form my second copy would take, I remembered about this wood-look paper I had stashed away (one little piece! perfect.)


I love this little room. I loved too when T came into the kitchen and I was cutting out those tiny circles, and he said, ‘why?’ and I said, ‘I don’t think you understand crafting…’

I know fundamentally that when you push your creativity, really great things happen, and yet, I don’t do it as often as I would like. That’s why I think projects like these are so great.

Happy creating!

Collaborative Drawing with Kids

drawings drawing (2)These are a few drawings I did with my daughter over the weekend – I don’t always love doing kid-specific crafts, but drawing is something I could sit and do for hours (if I ever gave myself that kind of time). This is a great, quiet activity for us to do together, passing the paper back and forth and listening to her comment about her process. There is a very inspiring blog, Busy Mockingbird, where she makes amazing collaborative drawings with her child – have a look, they are quite stunning!

Happy drawing~