Creativity Club Assignment #2, Copying

Hi! Did you have a lovely weekend? Good, me too.

I took a bit of time to finish up February’s Creativity Club project today. The assignment was to find an image of the word house (the other options were coffee pot, pencil, and eye), so I searched Pinterest and found this cozy attic-treehouse…


I did my best, but, I can’t tell you where this image originates…sorry!

And then I copied it by drawing it once,

houseproject (1)

And then copied it again in a different medium. I chose a paper collage, because when I was deciding what form my second copy would take, I remembered about this wood-look paper I had stashed away (one little piece! perfect.)


I love this little room. I loved too when T came into the kitchen and I was cutting out those tiny circles, and he said, ‘why?’ and I said, ‘I don’t think you understand crafting…’

I know fundamentally that when you push your creativity, really great things happen, and yet, I don’t do it as often as I would like. That’s why I think projects like these are so great.

Happy creating!

Creativity Club and KCW

creativity club

Exciting news from over at Elsie Marley, because I love it when people run with an idea and get others involved. Especially when that idea involves making, at it’s best and worst and for no other reason than just making. Plus, admit it, we all want to belong to a club. See my button over there on the side? I’m totally in the club. You should be too, because of peer pressure.

Also! Kid’s Clothes Week is starting up again at the beginning of February – I am hoping to participate in some way, and you should too, because again, peer pressure. And because making kid’s clothes out of clothes you already have is one less step than the step where you let yourself loose in the fabric store…


Have a good one!

A Creative Assignment From Elsie Marley

For years I have occasionally popped in on Meg’s blog Elsie Marley – there is a lot of great, real stuff happening over there. I think Meg is one of the most honest bloggers I have come across, posting the hits and the misses, and the not so glamorous truth about making (especially with kids around).

Every once in a while there is a creative assignment on Elsie Marley – the most recent was a Twofer, in which participants each gave a word and everyone was matched randomly with two of those words. I got Alligator + Sea, and with the short time line to make something out of those two words, yesterday I came up with this guy…

alligator (1)alligatoralligator

Let’s call him Crispy. Just workin’ his vintage-nautical inspired maillot de bain…

I could have made anything with this assignment, but honestly, I am in crazy doll making mode right now preparing for upcoming fall sales. When things are busy for me, this is where all my creative energy goes. I briefly thought about making pickles, because pickles to me kind of look like alligator tails, but I don’t even like pickles…

I’ve been working on a few smaller dolls to give myself something new, and I have only made one other crocodile/alligator creature years ago – so even though the words seemed somewhat related, this was a good challenge after all. I had to really think about how I wanted the head shaped and that bumpy tail. I wanted him to be a jaunty sailor, but the hat turned out a little more like a strange tam, which was just big enough to tip over his one freaky eye! (these reptile eyes are new to me, super freaky) It’s always good to get out of a production head space, and back into a creative one.

Thanks for the challenge Meg!