Week In Photos

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This week, a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house (echinacea in their lovely garden) :: painted rocks, skateboard rides, and the longest flowers :: new dolls (hello lady bison) made and delivered! -xo

Week in Photos

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From top to bottom,

I know these are weeds, but I avoid pulling them out because they bloom purple :: the sprinklers turned on for the hottest evenings, and if (when) we ever move, there will be a moment where I miss this archway covered in grape vines and this big lovely yard (work that it is…) :: hydrangeas always remind me of my friend S, over at calligraphy of east :: I don’t do that much photography ‘work’ anymore, but when I do, the images that come out of it surprise me so, and are like nothing I could have planned. This little face is my friend’s sweet daughter, and the mama is ready to greet another sweet little face at the bottom here :: above, she wanted a canola field but we were too late in the season. Fortunately, in Saskatchewan, there is always a field of something yellow, somewhere :: and a little bird from some product photos for my dear artist friend (see, I really only photograph my friends…) Shauna Buck, and part of her Alphabetical Aviary series ::

Hope you’re having the nicest August weekend,

xo – erin

Week in photos, a few more

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We saw an old friend marry a new friend, our littlest watered grandma’s garden, and my girl spent a few days at camp {the very same place where I spent my summers as a kid, where I fell for my now-husband as a staff, where we got married…there’s a lot tied up in that place}. We played with sweet children and I saw lifetime friends who are so dear to me. We crossed the longest bridge and he insisted that we eat these just-beginning carrots everyday, ‘like bunnies.’