New Shapes, New Dolls

Screen shot 2016-06-16 at 10.26.59 AMnew dollsnew dollsnew dolls

Every once in a while I get the feeling that something needs to change (of course, in my everyday life, I get that feeling a lot – forever restless). The dolls needed to be revived, I needed to  stay interested. So I spent some time fooling around with shapes and made a few new patterns – I love these narrow, easy to hold bodies and thin limbs (even though they take considerably more time to turn and stuff!). There is a sweetness and elfishness about these dolls that intrigues me and makes me want to make one after the other, just to see what the next one will look like – it’s a surprise, even to me, until all the parts come together. Keep an eye out for more like this in the shop – I will be adding them as they are made. Here’s to the beginning of summer!

{ps, loved this episode}

Bon Voyage

biganimalsbiganimalsbiganimals (1)

Earlier this week I was cleaning out my studio. I have a lot of supplies and a pretty small space to keep them, so it doesn’t take long before it feels tight. These four big animals had been keeping me company in there for the last year since I made them as part of the Imaginary Architects exhibit at the Saskatchewan Craft Council. I am pretty fond of them, simply because of their size, but I knew it was time to make room, and perhaps someone else would like to adopt them. I put out a call on instagram for anyone wanting to give them a home, and within the day they were off – one locally, one to BC, one to New Hampshire, and One to the UK. I set them in our porch while they waited to be boxed up, and I kind of loved the sight of them there. Also, a shot of me looking like we are telling jokes, when really I am just trying to keep everyone upright after dashing into the photo (I’ll likely never relinquish the self timer…). Bon Voyage sweet animals, it was fun.


A collaboration with Bamboletta

bamboletta bamboletta (10)bambolettabamboletta (11)bambolettabamboletta (12)bambolettabamboletta (8)bambolettabamboletta (6)If you are a doll-lover, then I am so sure that you already know about Bamboletta Dolls. If this isn’t a name you’ve heard before, then let me tell you about a wonderful company. Bamboletta is located on Vancouver Island (and in Vancouver) and is run by Christina, who employs a whole crew of women to make these dolls. All the dolls are sewn in homes and studios by people who love the process and the product. Of course, the dolls are amazing in quality – made from thick cotton interlock and stuffed with wool, with beautiful wool hair (I’ve caught myself a few times arranging her hair while no one else was around…) and sweet clothes. They are pretty special, and I think the business itself is quite amazing.

So of course, when Christina approached me about creating some sets for them, it was an immediate yes. The sets include a little spirit animal and a matching jacket. I used a range of fabrics for the critters and stuffed them with the same wool that is used in the dolls – the animals also received a little accessory or bit of clothing. Many of the jackets have hoods with animal ears peeking out, and others are collared…all have great buttons 🙂 It was so fun for me to think of animals, decide on fabrics, and see this project come together. I am honored to collaborate with a company with such integrity, and of course, one that loves dolls.

The sets will be available soon, and again in the near future – see the Bamboletta shop if you are interested. And don’t forget to read all about them and see all the dolls – your day will be immediately better.

Thanks Bamboletta!

patrickdollpatrickdollpatrickdoll (1)patrickdoll

I love receiving requests like this – ones where someone would like to gift a doll to Montreal-based illustrator Patrick Doyon. A gnome please. And so I took a look at his fabulous work over here and got to work myself. I knew it would need to be simple, but I did not how much I was going to love this piece when it was finished. Those sneaky eyes and big ears, that mushroom! I have mentioned this before when working with illustrators, but there is something so fun for me about working from the drawings of others and transforming them into fabric-3D. And would you know, too, that Patrick also creates animated shorts, and illustrates for all number of things that I find fascinating. Go see his website, and you’ll want to play the potatoes video game too…(is it just me or could you watch that little guy run all day long?)

I know you’re looking forward to the weekend, have a great one!

Animal Dress-Up Dolls!

animaldressupdress upanimaldressup (4)dress upanimaldressup (1)animaldressup (7)dress upSpring here in Saskatchewan is providing some wonderful sunshine, and also the inspiration for these very sweet animal dress-up dolls that are new in my shop! I have so enjoyed coming up with their little costumes and personalities (and I’m still in love with those wee freckles…)

You can see them all here in my shop…

Wishing you a lovely day!

The Wee Elves, New for Spring!

springelvesScreen shot 2015-03-04 at 10.46.38 PMScreen shot 2015-03-06 at 10.27.36 PMboolahbaguette_1springelvesspringelves (5)

It all started with those ears…

And then I really couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t. Actually, let’s back up – it really started when a lovely customer requested a custom elf for their baby born on Christmas. The doll I made for them had a pink pixie hair style and a certain look, and I knew I would have to make more. And then when I went to make a few little people dolls recently, well, I remembered about those ears.

I am entirely smitten with every one of these dolls. Their frizzy hair and freckles, their little pouches, that corduroy bunny jacket(!), their rosy little cheeks. Oh there is something so good about the tiny little changes that happen in making, the ones that make you fall in love with it all over again.

You can find these Wee Elves in my shop – and to be sure, there will be more…

Have a wonderful weekend, xo

The Progression of a Doll

Hello fine friends. Recently I undertook the process of sorting through my digital photos (this here computer said, enough!), which turned out to be no small task. Along with tossing thousands of photos, I came across all of my product shots too. Looking back at these, the early ones especially, is a little hilarious, a little embarrassing, and a lot humbling.

I have always been a big proponent of photographing your work – for record keeping, and to show how it has evolved. I am finally at the point where I can look back and see the changes – it’s so obvious to me now where the little differences in making happened along the way, and how the dolls changed shape, and in my eyes, got better. And it’s crazy embarrassing to see those first dolls (the very very first, well, there are no proper photos of them, the weirdest of them all!), with arms akimbo and barely any faces, skinny little bodies, and strange fabric choices. I can’t help but feel like they look sloppy now, but they were truly one of a kind, and it’s likely that part that people were interested in. And yes, to every one of you who has been with me from the beginning, who bought one of my creations along the way, thank you. Though I was creating because I loved it, I doubt I would have spent the same kind of time and energy without the sales that came along. Creating more product allowed me to keep trying, to keep figuring out what Boolah Baguette was.

I think it’s great to look back on your work over years and cringe a little. It means you’ve grown and changed, and are likely making something closer to ideal. I hope that never stops happening (and of course, reminds me of this now very famous quote from Ira Glass). And with that, Boolah Baguette over the years…

dollprogress1doll progress2dollprogress3dollprogress4dollprogress5

Here’s to more making, and continuous growth!