Inspiring People : Sara Carr


If you love plush, and you’ve been around Etsy for any length of time, it’s likely that you have already come across the oh-so-lovely work of Sara Carr…but today is your day to be reminded of it! Sara is a maker and mama in the UK, where she creates these beautiful knits – I remember that fox being one of my early Etsy favorites, and I still think the simplicity of it is so likeable. I am especially drawn to it because of the knit aspect, it gives such a cozy feeling – plus, I am not a knitter or knitting machine user, so I am extra curious about the process (and would likely become veerry addicted). Her bold jewel colors are so happy, and even though her work is inspired by kid-friendly colors and shapes, it’s not like you need to have kids around to think it’s great – I am always loving plush that doubles as a design element in your home, kids or no. Do you want that Donkey on your couch as much as I do?

The Sara Carr Etsy shop is here – go check out all the plush goodness. Thank you Sara!