Guinea Pig Takes Flight

guinea (5)Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 12.07.52 AMguinea (2)Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 12.07.07 AM

Oh that little face. I could probably stare at it all day long.

This is a piece I created recently for a local exhibition with a hybrid animals theme, and I think the wings are just the thing to make this wee guinea pig a little extra special. Secretly (okay no so secretly) I would like a real guinea pig, but making this allllmost satisfied that want. It’s all the cute with none of the clean up!

I loved making this piece, and it was a new experiment for me using flax pulp as stuffing (amazing), and creating these little feet out of a soft clay-like product. When I get this guy back home I would love to display him suspended somewhere, feet a-dangling! Ack!

Thanks to the Wild in the City Nature Festival and Unreal City here in Saskatoon for having me as part of your show!


Inspiring People: Mister Finch


Mister Finch is a gentleman soft sculpture artist from England. He uses mixed textiles to create these amazing pieces of nature and fantasy, which are all simply stunning. Seriously, for me, finding out about this work was like finding treasure. I am totally drooling as I write this and can see my imagination skipping off in all sorts of new directions. As I lean more and more to making soft sculpture alongside my dolls, it is really inspiring to see artists who are so established and successful in their craft. Go over to his website and facebook page, it’s all so visual you simply must take a look! Sigh…