Bon Voyage

biganimalsbiganimalsbiganimals (1)

Earlier this week I was cleaning out my studio. I have a lot of supplies and a pretty small space to keep them, so it doesn’t take long before it feels tight. These four big animals had been keeping me company in there for the last year since I made them as part of the Imaginary Architects exhibit at the Saskatchewan Craft Council. I am pretty fond of them, simply because of their size, but I knew it was time to make room, and perhaps someone else would like to adopt them. I put out a call on instagram for anyone wanting to give them a home, and within the day they were off – one locally, one to BC, one to New Hampshire, and One to the UK. I set them in our porch while they waited to be boxed up, and I kind of loved the sight of them there. Also, a shot of me looking like we are telling jokes, when really I am just trying to keep everyone upright after dashing into the photo (I’ll likely never relinquish the self timer…). Bon Voyage sweet animals, it was fun.



Inspiring People: Johana Molina of Felting Dreams


I am so excited to share this loveliness from Felting Dreams – these little mice have been Etsy favorites of mine for years now. Who doesn’t love a teeny tiny mouse all dressed up? The little glasses, the overalls, Gah! The cute is overwhelming, plus her styling is genius. I just love everything about it.  The maker, Johana, is a fiber artist living in Chile. She uses little wire frames, wool, and other bits to create the clothing and accessories. I enjoyed reading her ‘about’ section of her Etsy shop, it feels so honest and humble and fits perfectly with these sweet little creatures.

Felting Dreams is here on Etsy ~ Thank you for letting me share these Johana!

Inspiring People: Simpli Jessi


Oh my plush-lovin heart! These dolls by Simpli Jessi are quite wonderful. I can’t decide if it’s the lovingly embroidered faces (those noses!) or all the sweet details in the clothing – whatever it is, it all adds up to so much personality in these little beings. I felt an instant connection when I discovered that she also does custom look a like dolls – you should see them, they are so spot on!  If you love dolls like I do, go check out her blog and Etsy shop – thanks for letting me share these Jessi!

Inspiring People: Annie Montgomerie

amamamScreen shot 2014-08-07 at 11.05.22 PMamam

Oh. My. Goodness. These creations by Annie Montgomerie are so wonderful. I just cannot stop staring at them, I mean, the detail, and the combination of the animal heads on the doll bodies makes me both so happy and so jealous in a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that kind of way. Annie is an English artists who works with found, upcycled, and vintage textiles as well as all sorts of other bits. It always amazes me how artists can work in similar materials and have such different results. Check out the Photos section of Annie’s Facebook page for more of her creations – She has a shop too (but I don’t imagine anything lasts long in there). Thanks so much for letting me share these Annie!