Inspire Yourself


The Creativity Club assignment for January was to quote yourself – to listen to what I’ve been thinking and pull something out of that, and then to write it down (or make it somehow), in some lovely way. I thought of so many things over the week, but as it turns out, they were all to do with,

just being okay – with right now, with saying no, with ending things that aren’t working, with the idea of adding more time.

But the one up top there, that’s what I couldn’t get out of my head. It came from a conversation with a friend a few weeks and in what felt like a sort of confession I said, ‘I’m good at being busy, but I don’t think I like it.’

I’ve always done well being in multiple activities with scheduled days, lots to do, and eventually I started taking on other people’s busy-ness too. Then I had kids and that added more to balance. And now, I’m starting to realize the importance of shutting most of it down, of only saying yes when I am so excited about something, of systems that can give me more time, and taking the time back for me. I don’t want it to feel like there are too few hours in the day, and I am Done telling people or feeling like I am too busy…

And so, it seems this assignment became something a bit more for me. I love that.